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JLS BASIC is a BASIC compiler for the Atari 800 XL (it works on the XE series too).   It consists of the DOS2.0S File Management System (and thus supports single and double density disks, but not 1050's medium density disks), and a DUP.SYS replacement that makes use of the RAM that shadows the OS ROM to store the p-code interpreter, relocating loader, and a Control Program that provides MS-DOS or UNIX like command interpreter that also can managed shared libraries.

It was marketed in 1985, but didn't sell much.  I continued to use it through the late 80's.  Sometime around 1990, by Atari 800 XL died, and the software hasn't seen a real Atari since.  In 2000, I resurrected it on Gemulator and stared playing with it a little bit for nostalgia's sake.  I've decided it would be fun to make it freely available to other Atari enthusiasts to see what they think of it.


History of JLS BASIC [HTML]

Download Manual [HTML][PDF][ZIPed PDF]

Download JLS BASIC [ZIPed XFD]

Download JLS Source [ZIPed XFD]


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