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On this page, you'll find public domain and shareware fonts of my own design available for download.

Try out any of the fonts for free.  If you want to use any of them in a published document, please send me $5 per font file for permission.  If you want to include them in a compilation CD, contact me via email to negotiate an arraingement.  All fonts on this page are copyright Jeffrey Glen Jackson.

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This font is based on the book Of the Just Shaping of Letters by Albrect Durer, 1535.  It includes just the upper and lower case letters with no provision for modern forms (U and V are the same, etc.). 

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There will be italic, bold, and bold-italic versions as well.  I might do a light and extra bold permutation too.  But first, I want to work on some other stuff, so its going to be a while.

JGJRomanRustic.jpg (19013 bytes)

Upper and Lower case letters only.  Both cases are the same size, but provide variant forms, where they exist, or slightly different drawings.  Roman Rustic is a form used from the 1st to 6th centuries AD.  U and V are the same form.  Pseudo Roman Rustic forms are provided for J and W.    Normal and Bold weights are provided.

JGJUncial.jpg (15923 bytes)

Upper and Lowercase letters plus some punctuation.  Upper case is the same shapes drawn with the same weight, just bigger.  Uncial was used from the 3rd to 6th century.  The italic form is not "authentic" but I like how it looks with a slight slant anyway.